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confirmation bias legal cases
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Why is it so important for lawyers not to have Confirmation Bias when preparing their cases?

Confirmation bias is the tendency to interpret information in a way that supports one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while disregarding or discounting contradictory evidence. For lawyers, confirmation bias can be a serious problem ...

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Plot-Driven Melodrama in a Courtroom – He Who Tells the Best Story Wins!

With every story there are essential elements, such as plot and characters. Without these minimum requirements, a story would be incoherent. Great storytellers know how to emphasize the most compelling components of characters as they carry out the plot.

When ...

Storytelling in the Courtroom
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Atticus Finch, Vincent Gambini, and Elle Woods all have something in common. Yes, they are all fictional lawyers from excellent movies. But there is something else that is consistent in their approach in the courtroom: they all tell a great story.

It would have been impossible for one of the jurors to stop paying attention during Joe Pesci’s ...

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