Attorney Billboard Advertising
Attorney Billboard Advertising

Attorney Billboard Advertising

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Billboard advertising has been around since 1889. The world's first 24-sheet billboard was displayed at the Paris Exposition. The format was quickly adopted for various types of advertising, especially for circuses, traveling shows, and movies.

It took 88 years until Law firms adopted the use of billboard advertising. In 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision striking down prohibitions against advertising by attorneys.

Since then, billboards promoting law firms have popped up almost everywhere.


But billboard advertising presents a unique challenge as they have limited exposure time for viewers.

So how can you ensure that you can capture the consumers’ attention in just a few seconds and that your message will resonate with them?

Message and Image

Having the right message along with the right image will have an impact when targeted to the right consumer audience.

Then how do you know if your billboard will work?

Consumer Testing

By pretesting your billboard designs, you will gain valuable insights to make sure your billboard is striking the right emotional chords with consumers.

Today you can gather consumer insights quickly and economically.

Human Behavior Insights

You can employ testing that tracks emotional reactions of test participants while viewing the ads and combining the study with post viewing survey questions.

This methodology employs FACS (Facial Action Coding System) which tracks the participants' micro facial expressions to determine what emotions they’re feeling while viewing the billboard.

This allows marketers to determine which elements of the billboard attract the most attention.

By analyzing emotional responses through surveys immediately after viewing the billboard, researchers can gather valuable insights into the effectiveness of the message.

Advertising Impact

Having the data from these studies enables you to make changes by optimizing your message and understand what demographic groups it will resonate most with. With this data, it will provide a clear path for geotargeting and minimize advertising spend.

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